Feed My Hungry Children believes...

  • Financial integrity is key to making the most of every donation.
  •  We can have the greatest impact by utilizing limited resources through effective administration.
  •  It is necessary to adhere to federal guidelines and generally accepted practices in order to provide the most help at the lowest cost.

Each fiscal year, Feed My Hungry Children undergoes comprehensive financial audits, in addition to filing required IRS 990 forms. Copies of these auditing reports and IRS forms are provided to the right for your convienence. Feed My Hungry Children operates with an administrative overhead of 1.1%. That means that over 98.9% of every donation goes directly to support projects that help those in need.


 Feed My Hungry Children | Program Services | Administration and Fundrasing

 Board of Directors


  • Lon Taylor  President
  • Lordwin Clariza - Vice President
  • Reed Gibson- Secretary
  • Bob Crane
  • Daryl Brumbaugh



Audit Committee

Because of the size of the organization the Board of Directors Function as the Audit committee.

CEO Compensation Determination

The CEO salary is determined by the Board of Directors based on Salary comparisons for CEO’s of other charities serving in a comparable capacity.

CEO Salary

Because of the size of the charity the CEO is a volunteer and does not receive a Salary.